Boyfriend's birthday party.

Today was Kerri's boyfriend's 6th birthday party at a bowling alley.

They use really small balls with no holes in them, and only 5 pins.

And Kerri had the highest score in her group. By sheer luck, because she would not even wait for the pins to load and she was already blindly throwing her ball down the lane. None too gracefully, might I add.

After lots of bowling fun, it was time to eat and play pirates. Then came cake and opening presents, and Kerri got the longest, closest, and tightest hug ever from the birthday boy. Turns out he really likes what she picked out for him.

After a fun party, we headed to Kung Fu to have some more fun. And Sifu's wife treated me to some iced Vietnamese coffee, which was really sweet and delicious. We had a great day today!

Life with Kerri is better than buried treasure.