Happy birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Daddy's 40th birthday. He wanted a very low key, at home no-fuss birthday. After three days of partying at restaurants, we obliged. So this is the first thing he saw when he came home from work:

And to rub it in, we hung a few banners and streamers throughout the house.
And then we plopped this hat on his head:

He opened birthday cards and gifts...

...and received a very special birthday hug from Kerri:

Meanwhile, Pookie remained under the table, waiting to see if anything would fall to the floor:
By the way, Daddy now has enough chocolate to last him a month or two.

After a yummy Shawarma dinner, it was time to rub it in some more (I mean sing Happy Birthday):

Of course, Daddy had already changed into his "Goofy" tee shirt of the day by then:

And a very happy Kerri finally got to sing "Happy birthday" to her Daddy and eat the chocolate cake she picked out herself.

And then the neighborhood kids rang the doorbell and wished Daddy a very happy birthday too. So we headed outside to watch Kerri play. And later that evening we hung out in the living room while Daddy took call after birthday call. And Nana and Catherine spoiled Kerri just a little more.

So Daddy got his low key birthday party wish, Mommy got to tease Daddy just a tad, and Kerri got her cake and ate it too. As for Nana and Catherine, I think their tummies are probably still full.

Happy 40th birthday Daddy!

Life with Kerri is a celebration.