Ahoy there pirates!

The kids and I have had a pretty boring summer. Around these parts, people leave when it gets hot. They either leave for the whole summer or off and on, for the whole summer. Since we have a new wee one, we decided to take this summer off from traveling, which means, the kids and I have been bored. SO, we decided to plan a pirate party. Just for fun. I wish I had pictures of everything. We spent weeks getting ready for it and I meant to document it, but being that I am always holding Elle on one of my hips, it's hard to balance my heavy camera with the other hand while trying to get the light just perfect on what I'm snapping a picture of. Anyhow, we gathered rocks from our back yard, and spray painted them gold to look like treasure. We got Kate's princess chest and spray painted it gold and then filled it up with all of our golden rocks. We made a huge pirate flag with black and white felt. We used wonder-under to put the skull and cross-bones on it. We put a huge red X on our front porch for "x marks the spot". The invitations were what you see above, but we printed them on tan paper and burned all the edges.

As for the party...a pirate delivered the first clue to our treasure hunt in a glass bottle on our front doorstep. We did pin the parrot on the pirate, musical chairs to the song, "Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, a Pirates Life for Me". We painted individual treasure chests and decorated them with sparkly foam stickers. We ate pizza and pirate cupcakes. And the hit of the party? A real parrot. Some friends of ours were house-sitting a parrot and brought it to the party to share. The kids were in heaven all day long. Tanner could barely sleep the night before, because he was so excited about the party. It was exhausting, but incredibly worth it. = )

And I could NOT have done it without Shad. He was AMAZING. Held Elle most of the time, picked up the pizza, helped the kids with the parrot, picked up cupcake crumbs off the floor and chairs throughout the party, cleaned up almost the whole party mess when it was over, helped find lost pieces of pirate costumes when parents were picking up kids, and I'm sure much more that I forgot. He was super dad.