"Tanner dead my fish"

Last week Tanner and Kate saved up their money and each bought a fish. Betas. Supposedly durable little things. Anyhow, a couple of nights later Shad and I went out on a date to come home to Miss Kate running up to us and exlaiming, "Tanner dead my fish!" What?! "He dead my fish." Then Tanner pipes in, "Kate flushed it down the toilet." Kate defends herself with, "Cuz, Tanner dead it." Again, Tanner says, "But Kate's the one who flushed it down the toilet."

After many questions from us, and very confusing answers from Tanner and Kate, we finally convinced them that they wouldn't get in trouble if they told us the whole truth. Turns out, while the babysitter was folding some clothes in the laundry room, Tanner scooped up Kate's fish with the net (isn't it interesting how he didn't choose his fish) and carried it to the kitchen, where he dumped it onto the table. Well it started squirming around out of control, so Tanner grabbed a book and smashed it. Kate figured it was dead, and knew that the last fish we had that died got flushed down the toilet, so that's what she did.

Tanner had absolutely no remorse. Embarrassment that he got caught. But no guilt. And I don't know that Kate even cared that much that her fish died. Anyhow, Tanner's Beta is still swimmingly happily in his tank. We told him we were proud of him for telling us the truth, but if it happened again, that he would have to buy Kate a new fish or give her his fish. His eyes got super wide and his face very serious.

As horrible as it is that he smashed the fish and "dead" it, Shad and I could hardly keep a straight face while they told the story. I wish we'd had a security cam taping it. It would've been so funny to see in action.