Smiles, Disneyland, Amy

Elle smiles, laughs and talks away now. We are loving it. Especially Tanner. He can sit there and talk to Baby Elle forever, listening to her coos and responding with, "oh, is that right baby?" I love watching it.

Shad took Tuesday off and we headed to D land for the day. Elle was amazing. Tanner and Kate were definitely the harder ones. The kids have always wanted to "meet" Lightening McQueen and finally happened. Although, it frustrates Tanner that they can't talk to him. = )

And Amy is here!!!! We are sooo excited to have her out. Of course the kids are in love with is every child and person that meets her. She seems so much healthier now. Still really weak from the chemo, but healthier. The last time she visited was a year ago and it was the week before she found out she had cancer. She was so exhausted and nauseous that trip. It's night and day from what she is now. She gets to stay for 2 weeks!!! We might head over to the LA fabric/fashion district this weekend....still thinking on that one. The last time we were there together, was about 9 years ago!!! I think it's time we headed back.