Monday Weekend Report

No rain. So that was good. But it was and is still chilly. We barely make it to about 65 degrees which means it's chilly in the house without a fire in the stove in the morning. But if we light a fire it gets too warm pretty quickly. When will we have some weather that allows us outside without jackets? I'm anxious for it.

I started the weekend making cakes. Three fudge cakes were delivered over the weekend.

The boys had a ball game. How else to spend a Saturday afternoon in the spring?

I didn't have to spend the game huddled on the cold bleachers.

I got out of the wind by working the concession stand.

It's been ten years since I did that with my bigger boys playing ball. Not much has changed! No matter how cold it is there is still a snow cone blitz at the end of the game.

I'm thinking that the Little League concession stand needs some homemade baked goods. Baseball cookies at least. What do you think?

Sunday I delivered the last fudge cake, this one with strawberry cream, and booked another big wedding. The bride and groom were referred to me by the bride and groom I met last weekend.

I'm going to be spending the entire summer baking I think. Not complaining....

How was your weekend?