Days of Wine and Chocolate

Our son is back from Europe. I told him before he left Switzerland to be sure and pack plenty of dark chocolate for his mama. The stock and supply that I brought home last September is gone already!

He took the instructions for "dark" chocolate very seriously.

Since the last time I shopped for chocolate, the Swiss have gotten more hip.
Fair trade organic chocolate??

My son also brought me wine. Good wine. Better wine then anything in my wine collection, including the last bottle I brought home from Italy five years ago. The bottle which I cannot bring myself to open. It's probably spoiled by now but that's the way I am. I need a really special occasion to open my very last bottle of hand-carried Italian wine. Now that I have wine even more special than that, maybe I can open it now.

But what will entice me to ever open this twelve year old bottle of French wine?
Maybe to toast the birth of a new grandbaby!