Danser? Ou non?

Dance: by the people, for the people

Some of A's classmates are taking dance lessons and now she wants to take dance classes as well. She spins in the kitchen and does ballet (and I use the term loosely) moves that she learned from her friend Carly at school. She assures me these steps are totally legit. A spreads her feet wide apart and then brings them together, spins in a circle, and says, "Bar-shay! Far-shay!" Yeah, Carly's mom is getting her money's worth, too.

As you may recall, we tried this dance class business once before and it didn't go terribly well. The instructor said my daughter didn't listen and as far as I can recall, the kid retained nothing from the session. After paying for classes and buying tap shoes, ballet shoes, leotards, tights, and so forth, I was not too happy about the outcome. It seemed she just wanted to look like a dancer, not be a dancer. Since then, we've stuck with swim classes at the Y because she enjoys them, is doing well with her swimming, and as an added bonus: all I have to buy is a swimsuit.

She is two years older now, so maybe we'd have a better shot at her listening to the instructor. I have to admit I am tempted. There is just something about a little girl in a leotard and tap shoes.

What say ye, fair reader? Try dance classes again or stick with swimming? Danser ou non? Je suis une sucker or non?