Dance Dance Revolution (+ Six-Week Plan)

So, you're probably wondering about the conclusion of my critical "dance or no dance" debate. I received feedback via my blog, Facebook, and in person (almost all were in favor, though every respondent admittedly fell into the "I'm not the one who has to buy the tap shoes" category). I also asked my daughter if she'd like to take dance classes or swim classes, and she had a go at convincing me to let her take both in the same session. Not happening.

After conferring with my other half (who, quite honestly, would not care if I enrolled our child in Ultimate Fighting classes), I decided to sign the kid up for a seven-week dance session at the YMCA. This way, if we run into issues with her not listening, we won't be on the hook for a ton of money. I'm also bidding on some tap shoes on eBay and hope to have those by the time the class starts (unless some whore-mom outbids me, which is what usually happens). If this short session at the Y works out, I will look into enrolling her in one of the local dance studios. I will also continue to enroll her in swim classes periodically. The way I figure it, knowing how to swim may just save her life someday, whereas knowing the third position in ballet, in all likelihood, will not.

In other news, I've come up with a challenge to myself. I'm calling it "Claudia's Be Less Fat Six-Week Challenge." My daughter's birthday is exactly six weeks from today. I've set a fairly aggressive goal of losing three pounds per week for the full six weeks. We are going to an indoor water park for her birthday so that is part of my motivation. (It is really hard to enforce my "You need to have known me for five years before you can see me in a swimsuit" rule in public settings.) The other factor is that my summer wardrobe is not going to fit my (substantial) ass if I keep going at the rate I have been. I can no longer use the "my job situation is too stressful" excuse, because I've been at my job nearly three months now. Plus, I don't really believe in making excuses. It's really just a matter of commitment. "Do or do not. There is no try."*

I'll post a thumbs up or thumbs down every Monday to let you know if I am on track. Maybe that'll keep me honest and accountable. I'll warn you, though - I can be very cagey. Wily, even. I haven't figured out what to do about the Girl Scout Thin Mints in my kitchen. People always say, "Well, you can freeze them." The sad reality is that I have no qualms about eating a frozen cookie or ten. I'll break a tooth before I'll be denied.

*If you know where that quote came from, you should never admit it in public.