"Arkansas Pregnant Woman Is Pregnant Again"

Did any of you read this crazy rare case of getting pregnant while already pregnant?

Talk about freaky to read when you're pregnant. When I was pregnant with Kate, I had this horrible dream that I got pregnant again while already pregnant. It was one of those unbelievable but very convincing dreams and I woke up very confused about whether it was real or not. I called my Mom who reassured me that it's impossible to get pregnant while you're already pregnant. I've been hanging on to that reassurance she gave me. I mean really, can you imagine? Getting pregnant while pregnant? It sounds horrific to me.

So the other day, I'm checking the news and see this crazy headline, "Arkansas Pregnant Woman is Pregnant Again." I immediately read the whole article and thank goodness it's extremely rare and only happens within the first month of being pregnant.

So glad it's not me.