They really are the best of friends lately. I love to watch and listen to them play together. They play pretend 90% of their waking hours. Tanner has his army men in hand and Kate with her princesses and dinosaurs in tow. Their figurines fight, sleep, eat, talk, play, build houses, hear bad guys, shoot bad guys, are bad guys themselves and then they're good guys saving people, they get sick, go to the doctor, go to Disneyland, etc. It's such a crack up. As long as they've both had a good night's sleep, they play for hours and hours everyday. About every 20 minutes Kate comes to me crying about getting hurt and so I give her a big hug and she hops back down to play more. About twice a day, Kate does something Tanner doesn't approve of and he'll yell, "I am never playing with you again! Not ever!!!!" And then about 5 minutes later they're playing again. When Kate takes her naps, Tanner constantly begs me to wake her up so they can play. If Tanner goes to preschool, Kate is soooo sad while he's gone because she misses him.

I am loving the stage they are in right now. I hope they are best friends forever.