Talkin' Turkey

When thinking about Thanksgiving turkey, the words “perfect” and “effortless” don’t immediately come to mind. Instead I usually picture either the continual job of monitoring the turkey or the disappointment of pulling out a slightly darker and more dry version than the one I dreamed about the night before. The first year that Thanksgiving was at my house I thought that I could "handle the bird" on my own. Well... the disposable pan leaked and caught fire in the oven. We got the mini fire out but we were smoked out of the house and forced us to open all of the windows to get the smoke smell out. So picture my entire family (12 people) sitting around the perfectly set table ALL wearing coats to keep warm from the bitter November air.
Ahh.. memories..

So now that that you have read my story .. Even if you achieved the perfect turkey, every Mom has a turkey tale to tell. Whether horrifying, funny, or successful, holiday cooking creates many memorable moments to share. Electrolux and Kelly Ripa invite you to share these stories at their website by uploading a photo or video relaying your most memorable turkey tale. The contest will run now through November 14th, and the winning story will receive a new wall oven or range complete with the Perfect Turkey button from Electrolux. Just in time to ensure you have the perfect holiday dinner.

Electrolux makes roasting the perfect turkey practically effortless, with their “Perfect Turkey” button. The luxury home appliances brand innovated their oven to make it easy to use and ensure your holiday meal turns out flawlessly. The Perfect Turkey button uses a temperature probe to precisely control cooking, along with a convection system that gently browns the turkey while sealing in the juices. Perfect turkey, every time.

We would love to hear all of your adventures in holiday cooking, so after you submit your picture, video, or story to Post your story on our blog. We look forward to connecting with you on this great holiday contest and wish you the best of luck in winning your own Electrolux Perfect Turkey oven.