No, no, no -- don't let this be you!

To say I've been obsessed consumed with the upcoming election would be .... ummm .... an understatement! Especially when you consider how important this election is. We can not afford another Commander in Chief asleep at the wheel. Can you imagine? And we paid the idiot! Ok, maybe he is the smarter one. He did after all con us(not me-- I always knew he was a liar!) into believing his jibberish. Ingenius. This I know without a doubt. My empoyer would have fired my ass had I fucked up that badly. Shzz America, what's it going to take? I have spent an ornate amount of time researching both candidates. (I've yet to hear or read anything that makes sense from the GOP) Needless to say it has caused me months weeks of sleepless nights and hours of the phone with my sister "the other political nut" fretting and worrying about the outcome. She reassures me and tells me all will be ok. America is smart. But, I keep having this re-occurring dream... see for yourself!

Ha ha. Had you didn't I! That would actually be a
living nightmare! And would never happen, He still has my loyalty. G-d wouldn't
allow me to let him down. Especially now that our eyes locked. I know you saw
me. I saw you waving to me... I've got your back big guy. Here's one for the
good guys. Sweet thing secured his vote today as will be traveling on election
day. Here's to hope! Get out and vote! Go Blue....