A day at the farm

I know. I know. I've been terrible about posting clips of the girls lately! Bad.Mommy. But, we do have an importantt (in case you haven't heard) election coming up. So,today I pause (briefly) to bestow with you pictures of what makes my heart skip a beat. Every. Stinkin. Day. We took part in the annual Au Pair Family outing which was held at a gorgeous working farm. We were able to walk the grounds and see all the different animals. There was an arena where they were holding a horse show and we got to watch from a distance. Plus, a really cool playground for the kids. My friend Annie joined us too with her twins. Double, double the fun! Can you imagine?
"Look at me, mommy"!

"Mommy, I'd like to have one of these, can I"? Oh, sure...."Mommy, is that a big kitty"? Girls looking at the bunny.
Turkey burgers anyone?? I don't look to see these guys in a couple of weeks!
Mai and the boy.....young love.....Mai was so sick that day but amazingly still looked so beautiful.
Daddy with his girls.