Naughty and nice.................

Well the chain of events this weekend reminded me how quickly our unplanned "quickies"might be coming to an end. Screeching halt! It can be a a bit challenging with twins finding time for sexy time with sweet thing. But we manage to sneak a little bump and grind here and there without fear of the chicks barging in. Errrr, well we did......

But this morning we were startled from our sweet dreams by a bang on our door. I was in the middle of one of those dreams you don't want to end. But, my heart stopped. Who could that be??! Was someone in the house??!! I hear a meek "hello". I thought to myself, "it's not Friday, so it can't be Lisa". Of course you're wondering why would she be in our bedroom! Then .... I hear the door slowly heart beating so fast I thought it would explode....and then I hear this tiny little voice squealing "I did it, I did it mommy..... I got out of my bed.... by myself"!..... In the background I hear the other kid yelling "Help, mommy, help.... I'm stuck in my crib.... I can't get out"! Sweet thing and I cracked up laughing....both of us realizing that our Sunday morning lingering in the bed until 9:00am was over! FOREVER.

BUT what's more amusing, sweet thing had bought the girls twin beds the day before. We just needed to get the mattresses. I'd like to think we were right on schedule..... we were holding out till they were four!! But we've never been ones to rush anything. We have let the girls lead the way. We wanted them to feel secure. We do things at their pace and refuse to be pressured by any snide or catty comments. The chicks were comfortable in their cribs even thought Katie crawled out at 18 months.

The following are some of the conversations we had with the girls this weekend...sweet thing unloading their new twin beds into the garage. We had to move the cribs out of their room....

Me: "Wow, honey the beds are awesome"! Thinking to myself "he bought these on craigslist"?!?!.......way to go baby....
Sweet Thing: "Yeah they are pretty nice aren't they"? Feeling proud of himself....saved a buck...
Abbey: "And we'll sleep in our new beds"? Jumping up and down!

Me: "Yeah sweetie, daddy bought these specially for you".
Abbey: "And we'll sleep in the garage"?

Me/Sweet Thing: Sound of laughter................................"Yes, forever!!! "......

Later that afternoon as we were cleaning up the cribs to sell:

Me: "I've got to scrub the cribs up so we can sell them".

Sweet Thing: "They don't look dirty".

Me: "Well, they are".

Abbey: "Mommy looks like Cinderbrella"! As I was scrubbing the bed!

Me: "Oh, great"......

Sweet Thing: "Get the camera"........

Me: "Oh, that's so not funny"....

And then... as I was cleaning up the room before moving the new stuff in:

Me: "Honey will you get me the vacuum cleaner"
Sweet Thing: "Ummm, yeah... what are you going to do with it"?

Me: "Vacuum the girls room".

Sweet Thing: "Have you ever used one"?

Me: "Yes, of course" then blurting out "how do you turn this damn thing on"?

Abbey/Katie: Giggling "Mommy looks just like Lisa".

Sweet Thing: "Except mommy doesn't know how to operate the vacuum...take a picture girls..."

Sweet thing and I eating dinner....which consisted of our Greek neighbor's gorgeous Greek Pastries!!!! YUMMY...isn't this what you feed your darling husbands?!?!

Me: "Honey, look what E. gave me" as I skipped in the family room with our delectable dinner.

Sweet Thing: Eyes bugging out.... "Ummmm"....

Abbey: "I think I'd like one little bite".

Me: "Ummmmmm, noooooo you are not getting any of this"!

Abbey: "Cause it make my butt big"?

Me: "Yeah"!

Abbey: "Like mommy's"!

Me: "And your head too"!!
Sweet Thing: CRACKING UP......

How was your weekend?!?! Pictures later of the chicks new beds in all their glory!