So today Lillie and I braved Disneyland, without our husbands. I know tons of my friends do it all the time alone with all their kids, but it has always sounded really hard to go to Disneyland with a 1 and 3 year old, by myself. But today, we did it. We left the hotel at 8:15am and got back 13 hours later. It was super fun, and completely exhausting.

It started off with a character breakfast hosted by Ariel and all of her friends. The kids got excited to see all the characters, but got scared as soon as they talked to them or got too close. We went on rides, saw Playhouse Disney Live and stayed for the parade....always our favorite part. All day Tanner kept asking if we could go to the parade. Then once the sun started going down, he kept saying, "Let's go save our spot for the parade." Once we were saving our spot, he kept asking, "Where are the girls?" Meaning, "Where are the princesses?" And this morning I asked him what his favorite thing at Disneyland was, and he responded, "The girls." I kind of like that he says, "girls" instead of "princesses." It's a bit more guyish....that he's into girls vs. princesses. = )

The best part of the whole day for me, was watching Tanner's and Kate's faces during the parade. When the characters would parade by, Tanner would wave with the sweetest expression on his face. To him, the characters were real and magical. I loved it.

I didn't bring my nice camera...way too much hassle, so the pics aren't the best, but here they are anyway: