Shad resigned

Last Friday Shad, along with his business partners and assistants, resigned and began working for a competing firm. We have all had a range of emotions throughout the whole thing and are working our way through it. The hardest thing about the move over to a different, was leaving their boss, and good friend, Brent. He has been a wonderful boss to all of them and they will miss him. It was a major decision with much thought, prayer and fasting to finally take this step. We felt it was the best thing for our family.

Shad has been working non-stop, from sunrise to well past sundown, calling and meeting with clients, trying to re-establish his book. He is such a wonderful husband and father. I have realized this more and more in the recent weeks. He will literally work 14-16 hours straight, come home and I know he is hoping deep down that the kids will wake up so he can see them. If Tanner makes a peep in his bed, Shad's eyes light up and I can tell he just wants to go in and play him. In the morning before he goes in for his long work day, he carries Kate in his arms while shaving, putting on his clothes, brushing his teeth etc. I'll try to grab her so it's easier for him and she will turn into him, point and say, "Daddy." She is absolutely in love with him, and he with her.

With Shad being so busy, I thought it might be easier if we got out of his hair, so the kids and I packed up and left for Newport Beach (California, not Oregon). We are across the street from the beach and about 20 minutes from Disneyland. Lillie and her girls are staying with us for 5 days and then Rachelle is coming up on the weekend with her boys. Tanner is so over-the-top hyper/excited about the whole thing. He gets to sleep over with his friends, see Mickey Mouse and play on the beach, all while having my undivided attention since there's nothing for me to unpack and clean here.

With us moving into our new home and Shad switching firms, life has been crazy and I haven't looked at any of your blogs. Know that I love you all!

Here are some pics from this morning: