Just the girls

I know they probably all look the same, but I have to post them all since there are rarely pictures of the kids and I together.

Today I am going in to get my varicose veins looked at again so I can schedule the surgery. I am really looking forward to getting this taken care of. The times where I am not in pain in my right leg, it feels like there are mosquito bites up and down my leg.

I feel like the kids have been sick for 2 months with a couple of days here and there of well. Is that just the way winter is when you have little ones?? They have these hacking chest coughs and snot galore, but no fever and playing, eating and sleeping great. My brother-in-law, who is a pediatric PA, has been telling me to take them in the bathroom, and blast the shower super hot to steam up the room and hang out in there with the kids for about 15 minutes, twice a day. It is supposed to loosen up the mucous in their chests. Hopefully it will work.

Shad and I just finished the 6th season of 24. I'd forgotten how much I love that show. I know a lot of people find it to be really violent, which it is, and I'm sure I am totally justifying it, but the main characters are continually doing such selfless acts. They care more about our country and other human beings than themselves. I love it. I liked how this one ended more than all the other seasons. I can't stand it when it ends and there isn't a resolution. It makes me never want to watch the show again. But this one ended more peacefully and I liked that.

I found a new babysitter that Tanner loves, which is going to make my whole life so much better. Our regular sitter just moved to Utah, and I hadn't found another one that Tanner is comfortable with. Until we found Lauren (the new one he loves), he cried for over 2 1/2 hours the last 4 times we had sitters. HORRIBLE. But, Lauren, plays the whole time!!! He even asked for her today, which he never does with sitters. She is also homeschooled, which makes it great for me because I can use her during the day if needed. I know many of you may find this boring, but this is HUGE in my life right now.

I need to plan a ward activity soon. Any ideas, please shoot them my way. Thanks!!!