Naked Tea Party

The gooyls are talking on a collegiate level. Ok, not really, but they can put together sentences and thoughts. They continue to amaze us with their smarts. AND the potty training has taken off like Niagara Falls. I've mentioned in the past that they weren't potty trained or really trying and well I was ok with that. I'm from the mindset where as not to cause any undue stress on girls or mommy. For what? Just for the sake of getting them out of diapers?! No. Big. Deal. However, out of the blue (today) they started peeling their diapers off to race to bathroom to go potty! Wooohooo. And no one 's stressed or upset... Big bonus.

I had the following conversation with the girls tonight upon returning home from work.

Katie: running to greet me..."Mommy, mommy I poop in the potty". Gushing and giggling as she pats her butt and shows me her underpants. Worn fashionably over her diaper.....

Me: "Katie, did you poop in the potty"? Thinking to myself, yeah sure if only.......however out of the corner of my eye I see Mai's head bobbing up and down confirming she did.

Katie: "I poop in the butt"! Pointing to her butt.

Me: smirking "Yes, you have poop in the butt, but you go on the potty".

Upon daddies return home Katie takes off running to the bathroom whips of her diaper and tosses it on the floor and squeals "Katie go potty".

Dh: repeating for for me as if I couldn't hear.... "She said she has to go the potty". Which meant are you going to take her?

Me: "mmmmm, well take her to the potty". Duh, as I continue to prepare dinner.

Dh: "She's already on the potty". With A look of disbelief on his face.

Katie: "I did it, I did it, I pee'd in the potty". And she did!

Not to be outdone seconds later Abbey yips "I pee'd in the potty mommy, I pee'd". As I turn around to acknowledge her she is carrying the potty full of the golden liquid over her head like a world heavy weight champ. Oh, my little he-man wrestler!

"Abbey, did you poo big"? We rate their poo's.... sick, I know.

Abbey: "
Like daddy"! I nearly split a gut..especially since no one gets in the bathroom when daddy's in there. He likes his privacy. I wish I could get so lucky. I have an audience when dumping!

They sat down at their table minutes later and had a proper tea party to celebrate their accomplishment. Naked as a stripper! That's my girls.....

Update: It's 11:20am eastern time and we have been running back and forth to the potty all morning. Still in dry pants! We may be onto something here........I've never washed my hands so much in my entire life. I'd make a terrible doctor.