Tanner's Birthday Present

His birthday isn't until January, but we don't feel like hauling it to Utah for him to open on Christmas, so he gets it for his 3rd birthday. Tanner LOVES kitchens and pretending to cook and eat food (I wonder where he gets that from ?). We were at Home Goods the other day and he played with their play kitchens FOREVER. Tanner has been telling us that he wants a tractor for Christmas, but after we got home (hours later) he talked all about getting a kitchen for Christmas. Shad finally said to me, "we're getting him one of these." I was very impressed with my husband to allow his little boy to have a play kitchen. They have one similiar to this at Costco for cheaper in pink. But we decided to fork out a little extra and buy it online in blue. = ) Shad couldn't go as far as to get his son a pink kitchen. We're really excited to give it to him.

Tanner cried about the rain all day on Friday. It was horrible. I thought it would just last the 10 minutes that I posted about last week. But no. It lasted for hours and hours. He was flipping out wanting me to clean it up. After I told him that only the sun could clean it up, he was mad that the sun wouldn't come out. He kept begging me to make the sun come out. It was bad. Finally I told him that he'd just have to wait for Daddy to come home, because he'd know how to fix it. He was fine after that and then Shad got to take of it when he got home. = ) Thank goodness it cleared last night.

Kate has been really fun lately. Very interactive. Shad is so in love with her...and her with him. I don't want her to grow up. I honestly want her to stay this age forever. I don't want either of my children to grow up. I want them to love me and cuddle with me and want to be with me forever.