I suppose it's time for another post...

Here is Tanner singing "I am a child of God."

This week I got an early Christmas present....a jogging stroller. I LOVE it. I have wanted one for 3 years now and never felt justified in spending the money, so instead we bought 2 cheaper strollers, a single and a double (when we had Kate). I WISH we would've bought this nice jogger to begin with, and also bought a thing to attach a carseat. But, oh well. Live and learn. This is the exact stroller I got. It's called a BOB.

Notice the sun canopy is HUGE. A major plus for living here. It rides so nice, turns easily, locks in place if you want, the child can lie flat if needed, the handle bars are higher...I love it. I have been walking for a couple of months with my friend Shari at 6am, but since daylight savings, at least one of my children have been walking up at the time I leave, so I have to bring them with. I have been pushing them in my normal cheap stroller and it kills my back. I took Tanner on a walk in my new stroller and..... my back is great.

This week is crazy for us. Shad has work or church events every night this week Mon-Fri. I have to cater one of his events on Tues. night and I am in charge of the ward party on Fri night. After that, we're a free!!! I am so excited that we will really be able to enjoy that last week before Christmas.

The 6th season of "24" came out this week and we are thrilled. We don't get cable, but not because we are too righteous for it =), we just don't watch it enough to feel justified in paying for it. BUT we buy the season DVDs of "The Office" and "24". We love those two shows. Oh, and I buy "The Gilmore s" but it's over now. So, we started the first episode of 24, season 6 tonight.

The kids are as cute as ever. Kate is down to nursing 3 times a day. I don't want to stop nursing her. I love it. If I didn't need to get my varicose veins taken care of and didn't want to get my eyes lasered, I would probably nurse a lot longer. I still think I might suffer through my varicose vein pains a little longer and continue nursing. We'll see. Oh I forgot about two more bonuses of nursing longer....no period and no fasting. = )

Tanner said "crap" 3 times yesterday...and he uses it properly each time. It's a bummer he has such potty mouthed parents.

Shad took the kids to Chucky Cheese yesterday while I went to lunch with some friends. Tanner had a ball. He loved carrying around his "money" (tokens) and getting tickets when he played games. He traded all of his tickets for 2 small tootsie rolls. Shad said his two tootsie rolls cost us about 4 bucks. Such is life at Chucky Cheese.