Stepping out of the Abyss.

I think it is safe to return to my sanctuary. The outpour of friendship from all of you has been overwhelming. Thank you for all for concern, love and support during this terribly sad, time and for the many, many phone calls, the beautiful flowers, cards, and of course the warm e-mails. I was/am truly touched. But as sad as it might be I do need to move on with my life. My children and my fh need me too. It's hard to believe we're almost through Chanukah and Christmas is starring us in the face like a 4th of July explosion. I'll catch you all up with our crazy life since Thanksgiving. Always crazy...
  • We invited my sister, her husband, her best friend, and her boyfriend from Ohio to spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with us. I had carefully planned the purrr-fect feast. We would start with a butternut squash soup, followed by "fresh" turkey (soaked overnight in oranges and wine---mmm succulent) apple pecan stuffing, mashed potatoes bake, sweet potato casserole, fresh cranberry relish with walnuts, hot rolls, tossed spring salad, fresh green beans w/walnuts and a lemon zest and of course wine! Lots of wine. (Sister brought the dessert--I don't bake.) In the ninth hour I realized I had nothing to serve the soup in! Good gawd why had this not occurred to me?! I left desperate messages with all of my neighbors hoping someone, anyone had a soup "latrine". No one to the rescue but as fh pointed out later why would they? No one would ever admit to having a soup shitter!! Yes, so typical of me. I meant to ask for a soup "tourine" but with all the daily discussions about "poo" in our home well you get the picture . We had to make a last minute run to the store for brews as my sister's fh only drinks this kind of beer! Yes, we had a stocked frig full of beer, just not that kind. Hee hee. At any rate I don't remember there being a holiday that I enjoyed more.
  • We observe the the final night of Channakuh tonight. We celebrated with some friends this weekend and daddy three turned shads of white when our friend handed the girls each a lit candle to lite the menorah. I don't think I've ever seen him move so quickly. Even when I purr I"m ready. Anyway, he was clearly fearful they might torch the place the way they were wielding their new "lites". They thik daddy looks really funny in his "hat" Kippah and they love chanting Happy han-ka" and "men-rah". Music to daddy's ears. Hebrew school here we come.
  • Now we move into the Christmas mode. Oh, this is sure to confuse. Nothing like a big man with a beard and a red suite and black boots and some funny looking hobbits with pointy ears to scar them for life. Almost forgot about the reindeer! No, definitely not high on my priority list. I don't want them in therapy---not yet anyway! I had all intentions of lighting this place up like the Griswold's but so typical of everything lately just can't seem to get my shit together. I keep hoping some little elf is going to show up late one night and do it up like a Las Vegas Hotel.
  • We have sadly just discovered that Katie has food allergies. Again. The kid who literally eats EVERYTHING. She started breaking out in these hives a week or so ago, although they weren't your typical hives. It looked as if she had been "branded". Like this! (barbaric) She had what looked like raised "X's" all over her body. Well, it appears that mommy and daddy have been slowly poisoning the poor kid with the crack that she soooo loves. Yep, she is highly allergic to milk. We thought she had outgrown the milk allergy but far from it. To top it off she is very allergic to wheat which as the doctor so kindly pointed out is in EVERYTHING! Crap. No more eating out for us. So, we will be scheduling Katie for a series of tests to see what else our little angel is allergic too and what the heck we can feed her.
  • The heavy topic of discussion at our home is Mai's new boyfriend. Heavy for me, but fh doesn't seemed to be fazed. So like him. Anyway, it doesn't hurt that new guy is drop dead stinkin' gorgeous with a ripped bod, and educated, has a great job, (accountant)and, that smile, and drives a hot car, and, and.... well he's a boy, NO A MAN! He's 29. Did I mention the bod. The arms! Yes, I drank all this in in our 5 minute exchange, but she's our girl and I don't want her hurt. I don't want her her heart to get broken. Oh man. I'm a mess. I knew it would happen. It's no secret she is so beautiful, tall, thin, NO, model ass friggin skinny, and the legs--omg, and oh so kind and, and educated too but, but...we'll you'll see. It was easy when she wasn't involved with anyone. Now my mind wanders back to my youth . OMG, I shouldn't go flashes..... and she's going out with him again tonight! Ahhhhh. Must remember to breath. It will be ok. Right?! Oh, I worry.
  • Mai leaves tomorrow night for Florida. Without me to keep a watchful eye on her. She will be staying with Jeff's brother(who is single) and lives in Jacksonville. They are going to take in the sights in St. Augustine and then head down to Delray Beach to visit "Nana. Of course no trip to Florida is complete without seeing the infamous "south beach" and all the beautiful bods. What I wouldn't give to be down there and keep an eye on that situation. Insert: big grin. Especially knowing that little miss "thing" will be sporting little skimpy numbers like this. Oiy vey. Did I mention those long gorgeous legs of hers?! Yes, yes, yes I agree, she does need time away to enjoy herself without us me looking on with my pierced eagle eye.
  • I officially kicked off my wine business with several parties and each has been bigger and better than the last. I think I may have found my niche. My "sponsor" (interesting play on words for someone who sells wine!) has been thrilled with my sales. Fh seemingly surprised that I have not drank up all the profits. Delicious wine too. I'm working on building up my client base. Thanks to all of you who have ordered from my site and helped support my cause. I so appreciate it. I don't think my kids will be going shoeless this winter! lol.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of my girly girls as that is why you visit, right? Wishing all of you are good and enjoying the holiday season. I will be making my rounds to see each and every one of you! I so much adore and love all of you. Merry Christmas, Happy Channakuh and Happy Holidays!!!!

Note: Channakuh delayed significantly tonight due to incident on way home from work.... to be continued......

Several people have e-mailed me regarding how I prepared my Thanksgiving Turkey. Because I love you all I don't mind sharing. Remove the innards from the bird. Wash the bird with cool water. Place bird in a big garbage bag and fill with water. I put the bag in the sink as easier to manage. Cut up 3-4 oranges and stuff most into the cavity of the bird. Pour about 1/2 cup wine into the cavity as well. I squeezed a couple oranges directly onto the bird . Tie bag up tightly carefully. You will need fh to help get your bird into the frig. Be careful when you remove from frig the next day as water will be sticky. remove oranges from the cavity of bird. I don't stuff my bird with stuffing/dressing when cooking it however I do stuff with big chunks of garlic, onion, celery, and carrots. Delicious!