Tanner has been making messes faster than I can clean them up and it's DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!! Friends have always commented on how clean I keep my house and I've always given credit to my neat freak husband and son. Well, those days have ended. I feel like Tanner is a year behind most kids in getting into EVERYTHING. He doesn't care what it is and he has no desire to play with anything, his ultimate goal is to destroy everything as fast as he possibly can. His most common phrases are, "I dump it" and "I break it". He says that right before he destroys something.

This is Tanner's play kitchen he created. The other day he grabbed all our barstools and lined them up, making a counter. Then he grabbed the baking stuff within his reach and started cooking away. Kate joined right in. I am sooo excited for Santa to bring him a kitchen for Christmas.

I am also so excited for tonight to be OVER. Tonight is our ward Christmas party. I actually think it will turn out really well, but I am still anxious for it to be done so I can start enjoying the holiday season. Soon it will be a full year that I've been activities chairman, and I feel like after tonight I will really have it down and will NOT want to be released anymore. If I didn't get so dang stressed, it's not really that demanding of a calling.

Kate and Tanner are sick right now.....loads of fun.