rain, dairy, biting, lasik & tatoos

We woke up today with it raining outside. Tanner was mesmorized for about 5 minutes, then he asked, "Can you turn it off?" We went through 10 grueling minutes of him begging for me to turn off the rain and me explaining that I had no control over the rain. Then he said, "Oh well. We'll clean it up later." He freaks out when there is water on the floor and we always have to wipe it up right away. So he thinks we're going to wipe up all the puddles. Hopefully it'll dry up before he remembers. = )

Tanner some major issues letting us brush his teeth at night. It takes both Shad and I to pin him down and brush his teeth...it's the worst part of the night. Well, last night Shad told him he could have a sticker if he'd let us brush his teeth and he agreed. Unbelievable. We've offered him cars, toys, candy, whatever, and he still refuses, but for a sticker?? Go figure. It turns out that they weren't stickers, they were tatoos.

Shad got his eyes lasered this week. He was completely high on for 2 days, and now he feels great and can see better now than he could with his contacts. He LOVES it. After I'm done nursing Kate, I will get my eyes done.

Dairy vs. Soy

Are they equal? Do they taste similiar? Can you make good icecream with soy? How about cheese? Do Earth Balance and butter taste the same? Does hot chocolate made with almond milk taste just as good as hot chocolate made with milk?

The answer is no to all of the above. I am sick of not being able to eat dairy. I want to eat a piece of pizza WITH the cheese on it, I want to eat an icecream cone from Cold Stone without Shad giving me a mean look and saying, "It's going to hurt Kate's tummy. You know it will." I want to bake cookies with real butter made from cows.

I am sick of my kids not being able to eat dairy. It's already hard enough finding your kids things to eat, without looking at every label and discovering that 99.9% of foods have dairy in them. I don't necessarily think dairy is good for you, as a matter of fact I think the alternatives are much healthier, however, I still like dairy better.

Onto another subject. Kate grew 4 more teeth over the weekend. Now she has 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom. She thinks it's funny to bite me while she nurses.

I have been looking at jogger strollers lately. If anyone has any grand advice...shoot it my way. I'm thinking of getting the BOB.