Tragic Loss

Holidays are supposed to be a time of family. A time of laughter. A time to reflect. A time to relax. But, this weekend within a flash what we once knew of family would no longer be. Three of my family members were killed instantly in a tragic accident. They were a well known family from Indiana. They were good people. They had traveled to Florida to vacation with my twin cousins in Sanabel Island for the holidays. It was sure to be a lot of laughs after all these were fun people. They were my people. It was their first time to Florida. It would sadly be their last. Their son and granddaughter luckily survived the crash. My heart aches just thinking that their bubbly beautiful granddaughter will grow up without her grandparent's or her mother. They will never see her graduate high school or college or witness her marrying or, or the lady she will become. This one really hurts. This one is way bigger than me. Words don't come.