Thanksgiving Weekend

We have had a wonderful weekend. Shad's Mom, Marion, came out on Wednesday night and is here with us until Tuesday. Tanner has been in heaven. He's had a constant 12 hours a day since she got here. The went to "the park with swings", Chucky Cheese, made Gingerbread houses, made cars out of playdough, painted, picked leaves out of the pool, made sugar cookies, played "choo choo trains, watched "Small One", went on a trike ride through the neighborhood, built a fort with couch cushions and I'm sure there is more I forgot. She's an amazing Grandma and everyday Tanner says, "Ama not go home."

Since they have been constant playmates, Shad and I have gotten to spend more time together, which has been nice. We went shopping the day after Thanksgiving with Kate, with Shad's carefully selected ads and coupons in hand = ) . We also felt it was time to teach Kate what quality fast food is, so we took her to In and Out for the first time. She approved. It was so nice to spend an entire day together.

Yesterday we put up all of the Christmas decorations, inside and out, while listening to Johnny Mathis. It was wonderful. Then last night we all went to the zoo again to look at the Christmas lights. It was beautiful and Tanner LOVED it. The weather has FINALLY cooled off and we were able to wear sweaters, which was a little more festive than wearing t-shirts.

While Tanner was taking a nap yesterday, Ama put Kat on Tanner's trike and she LOVED it.

To top off the wonderful weekend, we've all been stuffed to the brim full of food....the holiday season has officially started.