Buy, Buy, Buy.

It's that time. Holiday Time . Everyone is always looking for great gift ideas. I've got one for you. This is it. Click here to buy delicious speciality boutique wines. Great as holiday gifts. Delivered directly to your door. Click here. I have found my new career. I have re-discovered my fervor. I have got my "mojo" back. Schzam! Fh says I sucked at porn. (side-bar ads) But this I'm a na-tu-ral.

You all know how desperately I have been freaking out struggling with finding the perfect work family fit. However, I do not want to spend every stinking weekend married to my job. No sexual gratification in it for me. But my name is embedded in this one. Purr-fect. There are few things that I am truly obsessed about with exception of my kids and my husband. No one would ever dare argue that as I am passionate about them without a fault. Devoted. Unfortunately, I am not talented like her, , her or her or even her. They have this sickening uncanny ability to make everything they do/make look so damn effortless. But, this I'm a natural. I know this stuff. What is this awesome opportunity? The Traveling Vineyard. I am so flipping excited about it!!! Flying high. Buy, buy, buy!!! I schlep the tasting room to you (free of charge) in the comfort of your own home and you sample savory wines from all over the world. Fab-ooo! I can tailor my schedule to fit my needs. My needs. No working weekends. No working holidays! No 12 hour days! No deliveries either. The company ships directly to you. (*some states restricted*) Just click on click on the button in the middle of the page that says "shop". On the left scroll down and either click on wines by region, price, award winning, and signature. There is something there for everyone. Go Nuts!!! So Simple.

If you're like me you probably give tons of wine as holiday gifts, special occasion, to customer's, colleagues and house warming gifts. You may find this to be something your interested in too. Feel free to contact me privately. Cheers!!!!

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Rony Ghelerter
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