How many times do I need to clean up vomit and diarrhea to be a real Mom?

So that's the question of the day. I'm actually thinking of buying additional sets of pajamas for myself, since that's what I've been living in lately. That way when a little bit of throw up lands on me, there's a new set for me to wear.

I am tired and want to take a nap. Who takes care of the Mom when she's sick??

Here are some cute pics of my darlings from last night. We decided not to let sickness get in the way of the festivities so we took Tanner around to see Christmas lights, with our friends Ross and Lillie and their daughters Sophia and Mila. Wow, if you just look at the pictures, we totally look healthy. Shows how pictures can be deceiving. = ) I especially like the last picture of Sophia and Tanner looking at lights. Notice that they are on someone's porch, touching their decorations. I think they thought of it more like trick or treating. They would run up to each porch to look at all the decorations. It was really cute.

These pics are from today. Tanner pushed Kate around in his grocery cart and later they opened up their presents from my Mom. By the way Mom, he opened up his garbage truck 2 hours ago and has not let go of it since. He really has been playing with it nonstop for 2 hours. I LOVE those kind of toys. Thank you!