Santa is coming to town.......

"Is there anything under the tree with our name on it"?

"I'll have another, please".
The cookies.
"Daddy, mommy said to get out from under that table"!

"I promise mommy, I won't touch".

"Abbey, hold my hand".

I look like I have gas. Picture taking is so painful in our house. For all concerned!
We live vicariously through our D.I.N.K.'s friends who travel the world, dine out, on a weekly basis, and hob knob with D.C.'s super"elite". Yes, we know people who know a lot of impo-tant peeps. Access Hollywood! It's what tabloids are made of. So it's safe to assume we wouldn't miss one of the biggest holiday parties of the season. The annual cookie party hosted by our very good friends. A party that would make the inaugural ball look like a wedding at the local VFW. Fancy schmancy. Not to mention attorney's, attorney's and more attorney's. They must have heard I was bringing the "girls". Not those girls, but the twins. Tongues wagging, finger pointing and people watching. Big Fun.

Conversation fh has with me as we are parking the car.

Fh: "You know, this is not the kind of party that the girls can just run around. There are going to be a lot of people here tonight".

Me: Deer in headlights look on my face and eyes rolling says to fh. "When have we ever allowed them to run around like crazy kids"?

Fh: "I'm just saying, (rather firmly) there are going to be a lot of people here tonight.

Me: "Yeah, I get it". Shzzzz. What was he implying?--Note: hours later I would see fh across the room laughing and shucking it up with his "boys" while mommy dearest had the twinkies tied anchored to a chair so as not to disturb the big people.

We slipped into the house quieter than St. Nick himself. We hurriedly made a bee-line to the smorgasbord eager to see what the menu would offer. I had this strange feeling we had been here before. Lol. We sucked on an ocean of crab claws, licked our sticky fingers of the bourbon soaked meatballs, devoured the smoked salmon and sipped guzzled on bottle after bottle of champagne as we engaged in the latest world affairs. It couldn't have gotten much better.

We dressed the girls in their fancy girly dresses. They. Were. Adorable. No, they were stinkin' ass cuuuuute. Spinning and twirling like they had just been crowned "Miss Junior Fair Queen". Well, in Katie's case "Miss Stripper". Couldn't get her to stop showing her bewy button to everyone! I couldn't have been prouder. We knew he would be there as he is part of the celebrity fare that attends yearly. Ahh, the advantages. He came dragging in bags of his famous delicacies. Yum-Yum. K & A smacking their lips on crab and begged for more like seals at Sea World. As they yelled "cheers" to everyone and kept running back to the bar for more....They swirled their little wine glasses as it they too were enjoying the grape. They were good. No. They. Were. Perfect. And after over 600 pictures and lots of crying we finally got the purr-fect holiday photo! It is quite trying at times. Be looking for your card in the mail.