Are We Too Old For American Eagle Clothes??

Shad and I went to Christmas shopping at the mall last night and had and extremely hard time finding clothes for Shad. In the past, the majority of his clothes have come from American Eagle Outfitters. The clothes are comfortable, hip and they have great sales. Well, last night Shad tried on a bunch of stuff there and at Hollister. Wow. Every time Shad tried something on, he'd say, "It's too tight Liz. I don't like it." Then I'd say, "Shad that's the style. Boys don't where super baggy jeans anymore and the shirts are a bit tighter." He'd say again how tight things were and "uncomfortable" and would grab a bigger size. Well, the bigger sizes would look ridiculous because they'd be hanging on him and he'd say, "these are more comfy". So he would like they way they'd feel, but not the way they'd look. We ended up getting nothing for him

While we were walking to the car (actually mini-van...let's be honest here) Shad asked, "Well, what am I supposed to wear? Where have I been getting my clothes?" We realized he has bought ALL of his clothes for the last couple of years from Costco.

His wardrobe has gone from American Eagle to Costco clothes. Now, where we live, 99% of the people that shop at Costco are 70+ years old, which means they probably aren't stocking the hippest clothes for a 31 year old guy.

So last night we're laying in bed in the dark, and he says, "I realized I'm at an in between stage." He meant that he's too old for the young styles, but too young for the old styles. Then the scariest thing dawned on us. Shad and I were the OLDEST people in American Eagle and Hollister last night! Yikes. I mean, there was the occasional Mom here and there sitting on a chair waiting for their teenager to try on clothes, but we were by far the oldest people actually trying on clothes in those stores. Then I thought, wow, we were those dorky older people shopping in a teenager store trying to be cool. How long has this been going on?