My smarty good girls

Yes I hear it a thousand two times a day like a chanting cult. "They arrrrre soooo schmart". Really. Not to exaggerate (big snort) I know, I've voiced it a time or two that I would never be one of those obnoxious annoying parent's. But I am. Sue me. We me can not take credence for this one. Not from our my roots. Thankully Fh is the brainy one. They constantly keep me howling at their shenanigans and the unexpected wickedly cute things that shoot out of their little fly traps. Magical. Well, most of the time.......

Ok, so it's no secret our little Mensa's smarty pants have a leading vocabulary. From the begininng, which is unusual for twins. Err, so I've been told. Don't everyone pounce at once. They can belt out their ABC's better than Britney Spears on a good day. Like little canaries chirping for their dinner. They know their shapes, colors and numbers without the slightest hesitation. In fact they can count to 20 now!! Daddy and his college buddies have coached the girls how to do the famous "Gator Chomp." I anticipate this is all the "boys" will be teaching our little Asian Princesses. Yes, they know orange and blue.
They can recite their name. First and last. When we drill ask Abbey what her name is she proudly echos,"Abbeygeee-letter2". She assumes "2" is part of her celebrity. She doesn't get that it is her age. She will also concur that my name is "mommygeee-letter2"! Yep, I'm "2" too. Katie spells her name valiant and with great conviction. "N-R-S" and then shouts "Katie". What a crack up. We don't know what it stands for but she is convinced it does spell Katie.

They can distinguish mammals with ease and will cheer and jump up and down like laughing hyenas as we flip through the flash cards. They no longer babble or fabricate the sound of a cow, dog or cat but vocalize each and every animal by sight. See, I told you... they're "gifted".

They are very comfortable (**sigh**) with their anatomy and will share it with anyone within ear shot where their "who-who" is. Followed by a shrieking "cover"as I've instructed them not to let anyone see or touch their private area. On the rare occassions we venture outside the golden gates they never seize to amaze or embarass me by shouting and pointing "mommies boobies, mommies boobies". Or when they attempt exposing my ta-ta's by pulling my shirt down. Katie, she's my talker revels in making me blush will scream "mommy got gas" followed with a quick "Katie got gas. Even when we she doesn't.

They observant little girls and know the difference between mommies car and daddies car. Katie yelps "mommies big black car"! No, it's not a limo and most certainly not a mini van! You who drive them can, but if just isn't my bag. My little monkeys also tell me what they will wear to which I quickly put on what they don't want to wear! You see, I'm always going to be in charge. That's right. Mean mommy. Bwaahahaha..

It just doesn't get much better than this. I love these little monkeyes with all my heart.