The moment we met

I always knew.
It was my one desire.
I didn't know though

how far I'd go.

A journey laced with emotion.
Anxiety. Doubt. Exhaustion. Love.
One never to be cloned.
How could it.

I laughed out loud.
I cried until I sobbed.

I discovered what it meant to love.

I was consumed with happiness.
I was rich with adulation.
You melted my hardened heart.

I stood and gazed upon your beauty.

I stood and stroked your soft skin.
I couldn't believe you were mine.

You gave me more than you know.
You gave me my soul.
You gave me my life.

I know now know what love is.
I know the heartache of love.
I know you're all I need.

My heart smiles now.
Every. Single. Day.
You are my joy.

You saved me my sweet.
You made me human.
You taught me compassion.

I love you forever.
I love you my precious girls.
You are my life, my love.
My Always.

Your mommy.

Note: A few snappies of my "unhappy and sad" children......I only wish I looked this "unhappy or sad" everyday! This is what I live for.... see for yourself.