Today was great. Tanner went trick or treating twice (once at Shad's office this morning and then at the church) and LOVED it. I've never seen him so brave. He was more shy at the beginning, wanting us to hold him and not saying a word, but by the end he didn't want to hold our hand or anything. He would shove his little body through the crowds and say, "trick or treat" and then say "thank you." It was really cute.

Everyone couldn't get over how much hair Kate had. I always get comments, but I got a ton today.

Shad and I were pirates, decked out from head to toe. But by the time we were dressed up, my camera battery died, so no pictures of us. = (

The trunk or treat is over. Yea!!!! It went really well and I learned something important...delegate and then let the people do their assignments. Now I'm on to the Christmas Party. I already have it planned, and every single auxiliary you can image has an assignment. I've asked my Bishop for a committee 3 times and been denied three times with the response, "use the auxiliaries." So, I am going to use the auxiliaries and I am actually really excited about it.

I am really tired, so I'm going to go to bed.