I do have talent....

There is never a lack of babble in our cave and as you know nothing is off limits. Ever. I dole out bits and pieces of our sometime all too humorous real world with any who wish dare to pass through. Fh and I were preparing for bed the other night and I was expounding about how I wish I could come up with something creative like her to sell when I was hit with a bolt of lighting! Shazam I think I've got it. Anyway, I didn't really think fh was tuned into what I was flapping my jaws about, but he was all ears. Fascinated.

We were discussing (I initiated---he was listening) my hair brained brainstorm ingenious idea which included me and a sewing machine. Stop laughing! I do have talent. Well, in my think trap I do.

Fh: "Um, honey, only one problem." "You don't know how to sew"! Oh, bother.

Me: Not one to ever let that impede me. "Yeah, yeah I know, but really how hard could it be"?! "Besides I've already inquired about taking a sewing class'.

Fh: "Really"?

Me: "Well, of course"! I have.

Fh: "Um, sweetie, did it occur to you that you don't possess a sewing machine"?

Me: "Yeah, but I did a little research and I can purchase one from Costco for a mere $150.00". Problem solved. Now I can put my plan in motion.

Fh: "How much will it cost to make these "award-winning" aprons"? (I want to make sexy hot designer aprons like in the picture) "What kind of cost are involved"? "And how many can you make a day'? Key for fh. How much???.....

Me: Great, he wants a business plan. "I don't know, maybe I could
bribe pay some unsuspecting soul to make them"! I'm already thinking I could set up some type of assembly line working 24/7 and maybe outsourcing too!

Fh: 'Laughing, and maybe you could make the girls clothing too".

Me: Ok, now that was just mean. "I think that may be a long shot"!

Fh: Yeah, they'll loathe you when they hit junior high and want you to finance the latest trends in clothing and you respond "I can make that for you"!

Me: Laughing. I remember the outfits my mom made for my sisters and I when we were growing up. Matching too!

Fh: Maybe you could make my suits. *snorting*

Me: Eyes rolling, and snickering...... Funny man.....

Note: After speaking to my mom tonight she reminded me that I do in fact own a sewing machine. I inherited my grandmother's when she passed! I'd completely forgotten that I had it. Must dig it out of the vault tomorrow. Running to check out his site....