Clearing the cob-webs

Conversation that Katie bug and I had tonight.

Katie: "Mommy, (pointing) spider nose". As she was inspecting my nostrils.

Me: "What, mommy doesn't have spiders in her nose. In my stern mommy voice and scratching nose. Like I possibly could!

Katie: Yeah, mommy spider in nose". She was positively no doubt about it sure that I had spiders as she clearly pointed out with such conviction.

Fh: My luck the whole fam-dango feels the need to give their two cents worth--unsolicited! "She's probably looking at your long nose hairs"!

Me: "Gross, I don't have nose hairs". Ok, so maybe I do.

Fh: "Um, yes you do"! Looking sheepish.

Katie: As she is trying to pull the spiders out of my nose. "Mommy spider".

Me: Jumping up to go eyeball my nose in the mirror with my glasses on. Yep, I have nose hairs as long as my pube hairs! Ewwwww. Note to self: Must have nose hairs waxed the next time I have legs waxed!!