A day in our life

Yes, yes I know.... I missed Retro Friday. Big deal. I know, you delight in anticipation with the crazy ass stuff I'm going to dole out each week like a fine wine to be sucked and savoured. Really, I'm not all that engaging. Err, well not to any that really know me. Right Sen? Right Cindi? So, what have I been doing this past week? I've been indulging in being a mommy. Immersing myself. I've been baptized! Spending time getting to know my two little phenomenons. Iconcede with each passing day how charmed my orbit is. They are the best gift anyone could ever bestow upon me. Precious stones. So, this is our week in a whirlwind:

Girls experienced their first ever discovery of Pumpkinville with a fever like nothing I've ever, ever had so much fun witnessing . They clacked and chattered like parrots, no mima bird chirping "pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin mommy". I teased and taunted that if they were good they could pluck their very own little pumpkin..... if they were good...and they were.... and they did.....Ahhh--trained well.

Sadly it finally happened. We had our first ever awkward moment from *gasp* another adoptive parent! I had observed these two heavenly little girls (about 8-10 years old) while we were shoe shopping. They were dressed identical although they didn't look anything alike(both were dreadfully sad looking) and they were Asian. (parent's as nilly willy white and blue eyes as I) I felt we had a commonality, (you know since I have the two Asian Doll's.) so hesitantly I asked "are they twins"? I could not have possibly prepared myself for the anger that gushed from this unmannerly woman's lips. She snapped "They're sister's"! (As if I'd asked an intrusive question) She never as much gave me a side ways glance or acknowledged that I too was akin to her before she assumed I was assaulting her. My youngsters were running around screaming and giggling and you'd have had to be deaf, blind not to notice(they are too cute for their own good)all that we had in common! I glanced at her little girls who had such a sorrowful pathetic look in their eyes. I surmised her behavior was commonplace and oh-so expected. OK, so yes we've all (yes, me too) have been attacked and assaulted and asked the unimaginable, but to ascertain that every quip is the spitting image?! I was speechless. She plainly had no suspicion of the message she was sending to her beautiful daughter's. My heart ached for them. They noticed K&A having so much fun skipping, dancing and singing with such glee. I walked away without saying another thing to this sorry excuse for a mother.

I've been dropping little innuendo's to fh that girls have grown out of their footwear. We're lucky as we have an outlet mall minutes from our home loaded with kids shoe stores. Well, not so lucky I discovered the other day. You all know I don't do anything unpretentious. Fact is I suffer from O.C.D. I do everything big. Really big. Which means a good day would score 3-4 pair of shoes each. For all of us! Not so today. Somehow we landed at Nordstrom's(damn auto pilot) although I'm not sure how. (stop laughing!) Unfortunately I did find the cutest (really, really adorable) shoes by Primigi. You guessed it, one pair....... Only. One. Each! E-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!! Anyway,y the highlight of the day was after Katie had her melt down (shoe salesman measuring her foot caused her to collapse--drama) the pretty lady sitting across from us said "doesn't it make you want to have another dozen"? I smiled. She thought we were just like her. AND SHE COULD SEE ME..... Wow... Of course didn't help that Katie kept saying "Mommy has gas" followed by "Katie got gas". Must work on the grammar! She did have gas though. I did not however! Really.

Daddy shared a funny--OK maybe I shouldn't be sharing but oh, what the hell. It's priceless. He was on kiddie duty today. Mommy working. He must have had a temporary black out and forgot to lock the bathroom door when the little girls charged in. He said they were stalled in their tracks. They both peered closely (g-d knows it's huge!)at what he was holding and even cocked their heads to get a better look. Ahhhh, I'm only sorry I missed that moment. I'm only imaging what our potty training will now be like.