Food Storage

I finally took an inventory of our food storage and realized that even though it looks like we have enough food for a year, in reality we MIGHT have enough for 3 months. By the way, the pics above are what might be 3 months of food storage.

So I spent hours and hours figuring out what we could survive on, what my kids would actually eat, calculating how many pounds of grains equal how much flour, how much wheat, baking powder, etc I would need to make Tanner pancakes everyday, and on and on. I also made a chart to keep track of my inventory. I figure this might help some of you or inspire you (hopefully not overwhelm). I will attach them to this post.

I didn't include emergency essentials or water on here. It is strictly food.

Okay, so apparently you can't attach word docs. If you want any of this info, put your email in a comment and I'll email it to you.