Here are the two reasons I haven't been blogging. Number 1, I have been over the top obsessed with getting our food storage in order. Every spare moment has been spent on that. Number 2, I feel like I can't post unless I also have time to read everyone else's blog and comment on their blogs. Sound crazy? Do any of you feel like that? But I really do want this to be like our family history and I need to record some things, whether or not I have time to read other blogs, so here's an update.

-Went to the cannery for us....what a sweet husband.
-Went out to DC to sign papers with a professional athlete who plays for the Washington Redskins. I guess this is a very hard thing to do (to manage a pro athletes money). His partner had some connections and with some luck (and skill) they landed the account. They are hoping this leads to more athletes.
-Tanner continues to prefer Shad over me 24 hours a day. They are the best of friends.

-Food storage...and more food storage. I have got to be driving my friends crazy with my obsession. However, I am almost done. I just need borrow the canner and can some more grains.
-Shad and I went out to dinner last weekend to the nicest restaruant I've ever been to. We went to Wallys (Rose I asked for you but you weren't there that night, and Shad just gave me the note you left like 2 days ago). It was superb and so nice to enjoy a dinner with Shad and without children on our laps.
-I have been trying to perfect making my Mom's whole wheat bread recipe. When we were in Oregon Tanner ate at least 5 pieces a day. We got home, I made a batch, he had about 3 bites of one pieces and said, "all done mommy." Apparently he could tell the difference between mine and my mom's. Someday.....
-I am now the pool woman. We fired our pool man a couple of weeks back and Shad hired me instead. = )

-The biggest news in his life is that he will finally wear shoes!!!!! It has always been a fight to get the kid to wear shoes, and when he does he will only wear Robeez (hippie leather shoes). He has refused to wear any other shoe besides those. When we have gotten him to try on other ones he trips because he's not used to normal shoes. Robeez are great and all, but he's about to grow out of them. So we bought him the most flexible tennis shoes we could find and kept them out with his toys for about a month, so he could at least get used to them. Then Shad told him they were "Really fast shoes." They would go on runs around the block, Tanner would trip and cry all the way home, but eventually he got used to the shoes and now he loves them.
-"dang it" is his favorite phrase. Shad blames it on me, I blame it on him.
-The other day I was really tired and Tanner wanted me to play. I told him I was too tired and needed to lay down. Then he climbed up on the couch, put his arms around me and said, "It's okay Mommy, Daddy be home soon." Then he rubbed/scratched my arm (with his other arm still around me) and said, "Do you like that Mommy?" He was so sweet and I loved every moment.

-Kate has been sick off and on, waking up screaming, crying during her naps, pulling at her ear and bawling if I set her down. I took her to the doctor today and she is free of bladder and ear infections. Maybe teething?
-The most beautiful little girl. We seriously get stopped every where we go by people telling her how pretty she is. The other day on a walk, a car passing stopped and pointed at Kate, smiling. And she just eats it up and gives a huge grin to anyone who looks her way.

Here are some pics: