Before it all went "south"

Stop licking the picture. Just stop!! It's not real. Well not in real time anyway! Yes, it is legitimately me it really, really is before my guaranteed pay raise appendage and the mantelpiece (gut) I now schlep with me every where I go like a horny 16 year old boy--or my husband. As I look at this centerfold body (Ok, so I turned down Playboy's offer-In my mind that is.) although I did not think it was gorgeous back then...funny back then I thought I'd always have that body. lol I'm wondering where the rack not "that" rack that I'm now serving refreshments on came from. I swear it just showed up one day. Poof. Uninvited. Note to self must get keister back in the gym., before I become anorexic! Falling into depression. I'm not 25 any longer! The only thing that has not fallen are the "ta-ta's"!

I'm off to meet my dear friend Annie and her "twinkies for a day of shopping and fun......Have a great weekend.