Projects I've been working on

Putting up family pictures.

Kate's pictures in her room.

My fall decorating.

This is Tanner's pigsty of a playroom (and this is the cleaner side of the room). However I have been striving to get it organized and make it a place Tanner wants to be. Shad and I put together this shelf and all of the green boxes to put his toys in. Can you see from the pictures how well our system is working? I'm being sarcastic. Shad says we should just quit trying to organize the toys and let them be in a big pile.

This is a chalkboard/magnetic wall I've been working on. The painting is done, but I still need to put up the molding.
Here's an update on my food storage. Are you sick of it yet?? =) I think if I weren't me, and I saw this blog, I would think, "What a freaking psycho. Does she think she needs a grocery store in her house?" However, I LOVE it. Since I have organized it, with a rotation system and my chart on the wall (you can see it on the left in the pic), I go in there several times a day just to look at it. I'm still not done, but I'm getting there.

This is part of my outside freezer.

I've realized lately that these are my loves and hobbies. Decorating the house, taking/putting up pictures, figuring out how to use our food storage. I sound like a nerd, but I really do love this stuff.

This morning I cleaned our filthy pool. Tanner helps me do it, or he thinks he is helping = ) I talked to Danielle with a headset on while I did it. Isn't technology great?

I started walking with a my friend Shari every morning at 6:20am. It has been wonderful! I love it. I getting up when it's still dark and I could be sleeping, but once I get out there, I feel so good. It's so nice to have a whole hour to myself and worked out before the the kids wake up.

Kate is barely crawling. She's been doing the army crawl for a while, but she is starting to get up and crawl on all fours. It is so cute. She gets stuck under chairs, tables and highchairs, but I think she loves being more mobile. Tanner hates and loves her mobility. He likes that she is more like him, somewhat of a peer, but doesn't like that she will come over to his perfectly arranged cars, or block towers and mess them up. "Don't Tate. Don't touch it." I hear this over and over all day.

Both kids are asleep right now. Yea! A rarity in this house. I should probably go get dressed since I'm still in my workout clothes, varicose vein stockings and make-up from yesterday. I mean, I think I look like a hottie, but others may disagree. = ) Have a great weekend.