To answer some questions...

Some of you asked if Shad and I were really taking dance classes. The answer is....unfortunately not. I made it up to add some drama to my blog. = ) Shad and I have talked about taking classes together for years and have never gotten around to it. We will someday.

Well, tonight was our ward party. We watched, "Cars" in a member's backyard on a big screen. It was cute to see all of the little kids so excited with their popcorn and candy. It went really well. Before the party, I was really worried that it would be too windy, and the screen would blow over (it did previously in the week). I wanted to pray about it, but felt bad because of my non-stop complaining about my calling. I felt I really didn't deserve any help with the activity. So I tried to be humble and apologized for my bad attitude, and then asked for it to not be windy, but for there to be a slight breeze so people wouldn't be too hot. The result? Absolutely perfect weather...not too windy, but a slight breeze, which is amazing because it gets crazy windy here. I am going to try and have a better attitude about my calling now. Next is the Tri-ward trunk or treat. Last year they had over 1000 people come and they ran out of everything. It's kind of been added onto year after year, so there are expectations to what it should be like. Because I've always been an in-active ward party member, I've never even been to a trunk or treat. If you have any great SIMPLE ideas, throw them my way.

I went to a Body Pump class at the gym this morning. It's a strength training class where you do each exercise and set holding a dumbbell with weights on it. Many people in the class had the most beautiful toned healthy looking bodies. This made me really excited about the class, but in the middle, as my legs were shaking uncontrollably, I thought to myself, "It's not worth it. I'd rather be loose than endure this ever again." However, now that I am home, I plan on attending again on Monday. This is probably because I did the workout this morning. Tomorrow, my muscles will probably be telling me something else. = )

Kate grew her first tooth today. She still continues to be absolutely precious.

Tanner and I went swimming today and our pool was COLD! We were bummed. It's been windy and cooling off to the 90's at night, so it brought the temperature way down. I usually look forward to the winters here, but this year since we have a pool, I have enjoyed every minute of the heat .

Well, I am exhausted, so I'm off to bed.