Stop the craziness.....

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Hurricane Andrew. Not sure if I was coming or going. I'm sure you've all had days or weeks like this. Please tell me you have...In between all the crazy ass fun the "Nana" flew in on her
magic carpet super sonic jet to add a little spice big grin to our oh-so boring life. (insert sarcastic-right). We had a revival. No, not like that. A birthday celebration. The millennium. I mean Nana's *cough* ummm, 49th again. She is not getting any older. Ever. Going down with a fight. A merrymaking better than any New Year's Eve bash on Times Square with all the lights, flash and fireworks. Big bang fun. Miss Mai has officially(thanks Mai) bumped me out of my coveted "favorite "dil" spot forever. Nana was in "awe". Big points with the "mil". She surprised her with a custom made life like poster (ass licker) of photo ops of the fam-dango. Yes, our little Asian princess managed to order with out any of us knowing. --Did I hint she special ordered it and behind my back"?? Nana was blind sided and didn't see it coming, nor did she expect anything. Neither did we. Imagine our jolt when she unveiled it for all to see. Fh and I both gaped at one another with mouths open as if catching walleye. What the hell were we going to do for an encore?!? We were however insistant compassionate enough to concede to Nana's desire to prepare her own birthday dinner. Yes, we do count on our guest to cook and clean. Bwahahaha. Anyhoo, the "mil" was moved to tears. Truly. She kept saying "this is the best gift ever". Ummm, whata' ya saying nana?! Note to self: Pretend I don't notice. I'll never hear the end of it if I don't. *Big snort*. We gorged, sucked and smacked our lips together like a bunch of hungry wolves devouring the titillating feast Nana so effortlessly whipped up for all of us. You're wondering if I was just lying around eating bon-bon's while Nana slaved over a hot stove? Not exactly. I layed on the couch and barked orders to everyone within a 5 state radius! One of which was "don't bother mommy, she's resting, bring me the phone and don't touch that". Yes, I actually delight in Nana's bi-monthly visits. Let's see, if I calculated right she should be gracing us with her presence in (November is a free month due to T-Day) December. She's almost as predictable as my monthly cycle. Must select some new menus for her to prepare for family. LoL.

While Nana was here we met up with my friend Annie and her twins. Wouldn't want her to think for a minute raising twins is easy. We had agreed to meet at the Botanical Garden and then to Chuckee Cheese. Believe it or not none of us had ever experienced the big rat. Well the garden was just the ticket. The girls ran and squealed like wild banshees. Man, oh man did they all have a big time. Well, until Abbey deliberately squeezed her head between the fence overlooking the lake to feed the fish. It looked as if our only option was going to be jaws of life. But, no thank goodness Nana broke her out. I don't remember if she used some fancy schmancy oil to wiggle her free or not. As we all sat around and watched the girly girls we thought better of going to Chuckee Cheese. As Anne Marie so eloquently put it, It's terrible! I was feeling a bit gasey and overly bloated. Yes, I was relieved. We decided on one of my favorite gin joints for lunch. Clyde's. You might think quite upscale for children, but they actually offer a kids menu. So, yes they were expecting us--reluctantly! We kept the waiters engaged with four little 2 year olds not to mention the mess we left for them to clean up and running and keeping the mommy glasses full of wine. We left with more food on the floor than on their plates. They worked for every penny of their tip.....

No sooner had we dumped dropped Nana off at the airport, deflated her air mattress and we were packing up the family machine and heading to my parent's home in Ohio. I know I mentioned last week my dad fell this past winter and broke 6 ribs and punctured his lung. I needed to see him. My mom had reported that he just wasn't healing as well as expected and he had been really blue. Really blue. I was worried about him. Dad was having difficulty not being able to do what he once could do with ease. His body was betraying him and it was making him bitter. Cross. Resentful. He gets gets winded easily and has been unable to do any type of physical exertion since the accident. Yes, my dad was still earning a living before the accident. He is /was an artist and does/did artistic custom faux walls and ceilings. Absolutely beautiful creations.

We spent all day Tuesday lounging at my sister's watering holel! I was like a beached whale lying out in the middle of the pool with a kid floating on my belly.Perfect weather and boy did we have so much fun. The only thing missing was a pina colada and a cabana boy.

Our last day there we headed to the famed Columbus Zoo to meet Sam and her deliciously cute little girl Kieren. It was as if I had known Sam my entire life. There was such an ease. We chattered about everything. A total gagfest. I don't know that we ever finished one sentence. Did we?! Our kids jumped, skipped, giggled and danced. They were like recent parolee's with their new found freedom. I still find myself smiling when I think about how Kieren "called" the girls. She would pat her leg as if calling the dog. Cute beyond words. Kieren by the way is all girl. Wickedly cute and so sweet. I chuckled watching her run. Ahhh...... Last stop was to visit my girlfriends Jody and Kelly. This would be where I chewed off my right arm and hooked the I.V. up with alchol! That's right. My oh-so purrr-fect girls were over stimulated and both had a melt-down in front of friends. No naps.....First time ever meeting them! Sadly for me there is no predicting when this will happen or a way to defuse it. They finally settled down and we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Mommy and friends slung back a few glasses of wine and caught up with one another. It's was as if no time had ever passed. We've been friend's since the 9th grade. That's a long time..... So, how was your week?