More Oregon pictures and some random pics from last week

I have discovered that Nonnie can play for hours. I get bored of playing cars after about 10 minutes. She will sit there and play cars with Tanner forever, happily. And of course there's the singing. One of my best memories of my Grandma is of her singing an endless amount of songs to us kids. She knew so many songs and would never tire of sing them to us (so it seemed).

I know we spoil Tanner at home, but here he is SO spoiled. He has people all around him that will play with him constantly. What a lucky and loved kid.

Pictures From Last Week

This is Shad's Aunt Geri who came and visited. She brought the kids Halloween presents, swam with us and played catch with Tanner.

This is Tanner right before bedtime. I swear he is so happy and cute right before he's supposed to go to bed. Shad and I know we're being a two-year old. = )