B.C. (before children)

Once upon a time it was just me and the boy. When we had sex. Good sex. Everywhere. Don't read this mil or you'll never have Thanksgiving dinner with us again. Err, at our table. But, that was b.c. (before children) Not that I don't still fantasize about my fh and fondle myself in that "special" spot, but honestly, I'm tired. So, so tired.

Fh and I on the steps of the Majectic Hotel moments seconds before becoming parent's. Look at us. Do we look put together? Scared shitless? If you think so you should have seen us the following day. What a sight we were. This would be our last day as a twosome. EVER. No more
sex uninterrupted spontaneous do you want to get naked purring like an animal on your knees moments with me your wife who still digs your ass?! Yes, this is our life. Notice the posh diaper bag. Of course it Juicy. Did you really ask?! Had to have it Ask fh. Paid a fourtune for it. True. For any of you raising wild boars twins you know all so well you need two hands and sometimes another body!! At any rate we were in total bliss. Every nose hair plucked and hair in place. We wanted to impress the officials. Like they were really looking at us. We did look pretty sharp. Right?! I was wearing my favorite "Goldie Hawn" pants and they made my ass look soo slim. Yes, it was the pants that made my ass look slim. Shzz. this was the last time you would see me in lipstick and perfectly coiffed hair in well... where is my lipstick and where is my clip?!

Note: Juicy bag was replaced with a "rockin" backpack for those moments when I need to take off in a flash chasing out of control kids!