I've disappeared from the blogging world for the last couple of weeks. For some reason, we were crazy busy for the week before we left for Oregon and now we're here. I'm sorry I haven't read any of your blogs lately either...therefore, no comments made by me. And I probably won't catch up either.

Onto the good stuff. We're finally here and LOVING it!!! This is by far the best Oregon trip I have ever taken with kids. The kids are doing GREAT and Tanner just loves Mom to pieces. They built sand tunnels outside, played peoples, made play dough, picked vegetables in her greenhouse, made car-shaped pancakes, and today they are going to make a "choo choo" train cake or car-shaped cookies, whichever Tanner picks. And of course Dad gives Tanner M&Ms so you can guess whether he's popular or not. = ) Dad has actually been really busy at the new beach house so he hasn't had a chance to show Tanner the boat yet. And unfortunately for me, has not gone crabbing yet. I think I'm going to have to sit down tonight and have a talk with Dad....help him get his priorities straighted out.

The weather has been beautiful...sunny and no wind. Of course Tanner, Kate and I are still on the cool side, but everyone else who lives here is very comfortable.

Monday and Tuesday we were on a hunt for Disney's "CARS" matchbox cars. Tanner has about 6 of them and LOVES them. At home, he plays with them all day, reads "CARS" books at night, has toothpaste with Lightening McQueen on it, wears a Mater shirt, etc. I have looked for more "CARS" matchbox cars, but where we live all the stores are out of them. They sell out quickly. So we hit all the stores around here and collected about 20 more. I think Shad and I are more excited than Tanner. I think I am turning into a little boy. I was ecstatic when we found King (a car we've searched for, for months). Tanner is going to have to earn the cars with his star chart or buy them with the money he earns. Or better yet, go "potty" on the toilet and I'd give him every single one if he wanted, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

My grandma and grandpa are coming out today and I'm so excited to see them, and have them meet Kate. My grandma is the ultimate grandma...plays, sings, cooks cookies. All the great-grandchildren LOVE her. The great-grandchildren call her "Nonnie".

Shad we love you and miss you!!!!!