Broken Heart Ahead

Friends, I don't even know where to begin. I've just discovered some tragic news. No. Devastating news. Someone whom I've had the pleasure of getting to know and adore here in "cyberville" has just learned some very sad news. Her heart is breaking. Crushed. She was betrayed. I still don't understand how it happened. She was referred a baby, a gorgeous baby girl. Charlotte. She was making plans to travel. She was excited. Really excited. I was excited for her too. Not only was she going to be a mommy but she was going to be adopting two babies as a single professional mommy. One domestic and one international. But, she just learned that Charlotte was no longer available for adoption. WTF? She would not be her mommy. Please, I'm asking(begging) all of you to stop by her site and lend a hand, a hug and lots of prayers. She needs us now. My heart is so heavy. How could something like this happen?

Update: Lilly has posted under comments on this post under "Lilly" with a giant white L on black. Read what she has to say. She has un-deleted her blog so that you all can leave comments. Her e-mail is lillyjohnson253@ if any of you would like to contact her privately.