All Grown Up

My how we've all grown up! For those of you who don't know I am one of 4 girls. No boys. And, I am the oldest, although I don't think I look like the oldest! *snort*. There is only five years between me and my youngest sister (the one I share a middle name with).

Yes, that's me with hand on head who appears to be saying "oh bother"! I had bigger and better plans for the day I'm sure. We were 6,54, and 2.

This picture was taken at my youngest sisters(the one with the long hair) high school graduation. Love the "poodle" doo's that the rest of us our sporting. We were such a fashion statement. Well, we thought we were. Lol. I don't think I've ever seen more ruffles or lace in my life! We were 23,22,21 and 18.

This picture unfortunately was taken 2 years(January 2005) ago at my cousins (died unexpectedly at 47) funeral. It had been a long time since all four of us had been in the same state at the same time. Even though it was such a sad occassion I loved being with my sisters. We were 44, 43, 41 and 39. Yes, V4 could still say she was in her 30's!!
P.S. Just returned from trip to Ohio. Thank you for all of your kindness. Great trip, but boy are we tired.... I've missed you all. I will be catching up with you later. Be still. It may take me a while to get back into the groove.