Tanner's latest, "New Moobie"

So, Tanner has now moved on from Parent Trap to Summer Magic. I think he has a thing for Haley Mills. Too bad he has no idea she's in her 70's now. He doesn't have a shot. = )

I haven't written lately because of that saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." In a nutshell, the 4 of us have had very little sleep lately. I tend to see the glass have empty when I am sleep deprived.

Tanner has begun the "why" phase. "But why Mom?" I'll give a simple straight-forward answer, and he responds with, "Why Mom?" This goes on and on and on and on. I thought this phase hit a little later, but I was wrong.

He is also "too tired" to do anything he doesn't want to do, but has plenty of energy to do the things he wants to do. For instance, the other day I made brownies for a missionary dinner and we told Tanner he had to eat his noodles first and then he could have brownies. He cried for 40 minutes saying, "I'm too tired for noodles." However, he had plenty of energy to eat brownies. He will be playing cars happily and one will drop on the ground. He'll say, "Get it Mom." I'll tell him that he can get it. He'll say, "Too tired Mom, you get it." He wanted to make cookies the other day and I told him no, but I would make pancakes with him, he said he was "too tired" for pancakes, but not for cookies. He's a little stinker. Shad thinks I must tell Tanner I'm too tired to do things during the day and that's where he got it from. Who knows.

Kate has had a bladder infection. She's been on antibiotics and we have to run another lab on Friday. Then as soon as we get in to another doctor, we have to have an ultrasound done on her kidneys to make sure everything is okay. I guess it's not super common for babies to get bladder infections so they want to make sure it's not being caused by anything. She is still super sweet, however throws a little fit every time I put her in her crib. And of course immediately stops if I pick her up. I let her cry for nap the first time yesterday. Poor Kate. She's been eating around the clock every three hours on the dot....even in the middle of the night. She slept better when she was 2 months old and now she's 6 months! I've been letting her get away with it for now, because she is supposed to drink a lot of fluids help her bladder infection. Maybe her body knows that and that's why she's been waking up all flipping night long to nurse. As soon as her infection is cleared up and I know she's okay I think I will let her cry through the night.

I booked a timeshare in Newport Beach for the first week of September...I am so excited! Shad will probably come just part of the time, but it will be so fun to get out of the heat and be by the beach with no responsibilities. I think we will take Tanner to Disneyland while we're there. I think he would love it.

I am going to a vascular surgeon today to have him look at my varicose veins. They have gotten much worse with every pregnancy and some of the veins look so huge that it's scary. I used to not like them for vanity, but now it's to the point where when I'm pregnant, they hurt and Shad is getting scared that somethings wrong. The leg that they are on is actually bigger around than my other leg, kind of like permanently swollen. I'm only 27 years old and my right leg looks like its 70+ years old! So, we'll see what the doctor says.

Kate's crying so I gotta go. I'll try to upload pictures soon. Tanner throws a fit every time he sees the camera so it's been hard to get pictures lately.