Hear Momma Roar!

You know when "Rony-hear-me-now-hear-me-roar" shows her teeth they're really big be afraid. You might have remembered my earlier post this week bitching grumbling about our community swimming pool?! Well, our Club House Manager came out of hiding and returned my phone call. It Had nothing to do with me stalking him, or how I might have mentioned to the receptionist that he never returns calls. Or e-mails.!! Nice. It just eeked out. I couldn't help myself. I'm like that. Anyway, he must have heard about my charming personality. Insert big grin. So I proceeded to share with him my life history concerns and he was receptive. Not that it had a thing to do with anything but, well, he had to be. Besides I needed a little adult conversation, even if it were one sided. He had no where to run. I had him cornered like a pit bull. We do pay his salary. I think it might have also had something to do with me mentioning my "meds". At any rate I had a captivated audience. I'm sure he was sitting in his office rolling his eyes. But you know when you start talking to people about "human life" I think it does have a certain impact. Right? I've been told I'm a bit dramafied when I am trying to making a point. Surprised? I think I may have even invited him to dinner or was it drinks?! Note to self; should probably let fh know. Anyway, I didn't want him to think I was a total nut bag. Fh says it's already been confirmed. Needles to say I was grinning from ear to ear today when I saw the welcome sign(I know it was for me) starring at me as we entered the kiddie pool. It could have been the "Red Carpet for all I cared. Totally impressed when the "hot swanky lifeguards" flexed their muscles and gave us moms a thrill by tossing the big kids out of the kiddie pool. I found myself smiling and thinking "yeah, when Rony Roars People Do Listen. Lol. Mission accomplished. It was considerably a great day even after that one dumb question from "hot skinny mommy" . She had asked where the girls were from and I politely said China. But threw me for a loop when she asked if we would be teaching them Spanish?! Um, Spain, China not close. At all. I know I must have had that deer in headlights look on my face when I said "um, nooooo, we had considered Chinese being they are from China. She looked at me and smiled and said "Oh". She really didn't have a clue .......Seriously. But Spanish? They don't even resemble.