Tanner's Chores = )

Well, once in a while Tanner likes to help empty the dishwasher, wipe the counters, the ottoman (where he eats all of his meals), or the chairs. He used to love helping, and lately he's gotten bored of it. So today I told him I would pay him money if he would help unload the dishwasher. So he helped and then wanted more money, so I had him wipe off the chairs. He then immediately wanted to go to the store to buy a car. Since I wanted him to learn the whole, chores = money = toys, I took him and he got a car. He didn't have enough money, but we pretended he did. Now that he's experienced the whole thing, I will make him save up a little more before we get another car. It was interesting at the cash register-he gave the cashier the car and then handed her a penny. I told him that it would take all of his money so he gave her the whole container. Right as she was handing me the reciept and he had the car in his hand, he said, "but I want money." I had to explain that we had to give the money to get the car. He was sad to give the money away, but didn't want to give the car back. So as we were walking out of the store I told him he could do more jobs to make more money. Who knows if I taught the concept right, started at the right age, etc. I'm sure the books say I did it all wrong, but it made sense to me. So here are the pics. The first-him doing his chores, the second-his money, the third-his new car.